The first RV week is filled with waiting for our belongings and some glitches: We can’t get the Hot Water Heater to start, and the problem can’t be solved over the telephone. We drive to the dealership, where a technician gets it going; just needed a good shaking.

The Parking Brake is completely separate from the regular brakes, but the mechanic suggested checking the Parking Brake system. A switch and brake fluid should be replaced according to the technician, so we decided to go for breakfast in Cloverdale.

Frank has to drive the first stretch by himself, since I am driving the rental car. 60kms on the Trans Canada Hwy, and I am watching from behind, as he moves the “bus” through traffic.

It was quite strenuous for Frank, but he survived. Soon, it is my turn, and it feels wobbly. WOW, what a feeling; I have to remind myself to constantly check the rear view mirrors. After a few days, we are getting used to the dimensions.

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