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RV adventure for wheelchair bound guests

One does not have to relinquish “soft adventure”, because of a physical handicap. Living proof are Ursula and Ella from Holland, whom we met 3 weeks ago, when they picked up their RV from Fraserway in Delta.

How to find a Motorhome

Where to start when you want to buy a Motorhome and you are an absolute Greenhorn? We already started in Tenerife to find out more about the market for used RVs (recreational vehicles) in Vancouver. Good sites with a lot of offers are Kijiji and Craigslist. It is a good way to find out more about the prices and so on. It was amazing, that the bigger Class A motorhomes usually have less kilometers than the Class C and are not more expensive.

Arrival in Vancouver

After a ten and a half hour flight, we landed in Vancouver in June 2011, our hand luggage full of important documents, such as Int’l birth certificates, report cards, bank statements, and most important, the document, that confirms our workpermit for Canada and our landed immigrant status.

Ready to order – ready for questions!

In the first weeks, it’s even adventurous to order a coffee, and a sandwich. Whether it is Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Mac Donalds or even in a good restaurant; you have to be prepared for unexpected questions. As an example, we’ll tell you about our Tim Horton’s experience:

Let the trip (almost) begin

Finally time to move into our new home on wheels. Basically, we could have started our trip by now, but we are still waiting for our belongings from Tenerife.

Thanks to Fraserway RV, who loaned us dishes, bedding etc.. we made it through the first days until our stuff arrives. Our new life starts now; we’re “on the road”. At the campground we get a map, and have to back in to our spot. With my assistance, Frank says:” no problem” and parks the RV. We hook everything up, bring out the awning, and can now start to relax.

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