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Fruit from Canada

Cherries, apricots and peaches from the OkanaganMost people think of Canada as Winter, cold temperatures and lots of snow. But there are plenty of berries for sale here! Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, whatever the heart desires.

10. Route (268 km) - Hazelton - Stewart

Shortly after Hazelton no more cell phone reception.

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Gold Rush Trail, here we come

After leaving Nairn Falls Provincial Park, we stop in Pemberton, a small town „western-style“. The weather is sunny, the air comfortably cool. We are surrounded by mountains, whose peaks are still covered in snow.

Canada in a loving way

We could have easily spent 3 Weeks on the Sunshine Coast, a truly recreational gem with beaches, coves and forest trails.

6. Route (210 km) - Lac La Hache - Quesnel

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(Because of a fatal accident we had to turn and stay over night in Quesnel, the highway was closed for several hours.)

Details about our Motorhome

Our MotorhomeLet me give you some technical details about our Motorhome we bought from the company Fraserway RV. RV is the abreviation for Recreational Vehicle. As it is a 11 year old used rig, it was quite affordable for us. However it had only 58.023 kilometers and the interior was clean and carefully used.

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