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Motor home - interiour

We now live in our RV for a month. According to the American classification, it is a Class A motor home, which is a fully integrated in German camper. That means the cab is part of the living area and not as an alcove with a quasi-separated crossing. What else is in there you will learn here.

22. Route (575 km) Dawson Creek - Edmonton

In Edmonton we will collect our Permanent Residence Card (an ID-Card that proofs our legal status in Canada and allows us to enter Canada any time). We also will change our German drivers licence to an Alberta drivers licence and register our Motorhome.

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21. Route (490 km) Fort Nelson - Dawson Creek

Dawson Creek is the starting point (Mile 0) of the 2.288 km long Alaska Highways. It ends in Delta Junction (Alaska, USA). The highway was built in only 6 months in 1942. Today it is completely paved and can be traveled easily by a big Motorhome.

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19. Route (116 km) Liard Hotsprings - Toad River

Toad River

Distance to next town: 200 km
Population: 45
Students: 25
Way to school 70 km
Transportation to school: Horse, Car, Aircraft

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Whitehorse fascinates us

Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon in northern Canada, fascinates us. It is located in the southern part of this territory, from where it is still more than 1,000 kilometers north to the Arctic Ocean. The city boasts an atmosphere mix of ‘gold rush, modern life and wilderness’. The winters are long with few hours of sun, but it is hardly dark at night in the summer. Somehow, this combination appeals to us.

Are we staying?

A key story

While traveling from Tenerife to Germany on May 11, I suddenly realized we had no keys anymore. No house keys, no car keys… The cars were sold and we abandoned the apartment. For the first time since I had left my parents’ home, I was key-less.

Rain in the desert

Our original plan was to head for Skagway. This town with a gold rush tradition is located in Alaska / USA, 120 kilometers from Whitehorse. Due to the weather we had to change our plans.It made no sense to drive this scenic route because of the fog and rain. That’s why we decided to make a stop on our way to Carcross to visit the small historic town and its sand dunes – the smallest desert in the world.

Coffee to go

Coffee to go, out mugs with indian designWhen we visited Germany last May, we noticed lots of newly established ‘coffee to go’ places. The cult to take coffee with you in the car or while walking is nothing new to Canada. As a matter of fact, we often make use of it here in Canada and are even perfectly equipped for it.

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