Have you ever experienced a landscape touching something deep within you?
The prairie with its flat meadows reminds me of western movies, especially of the photographically beautiful movie "Dances with Wolves". But how can one describe the feeling, which captured me?

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In south Saskatchewan, in the middle of infinite translucent grain fields shining gloriously golden yellow in the fall, we spontaneously bend from the highway onto a gravel road. In this province nearly all streets radiating from the highway are gravel roads. It turns out they are all access roads to farms. We are so bold as to ring the doorbell of the farm house that we could see while driving on the road. We’d like to find out if anyone here is willing to tell us something about working on such a farm, and perhaps also to show us around a bit.

We experience the sunny side of Edmonton after our last two weeks have been rather cool and rainy. We visited Edmonton before, in October 2007, it was cloudy and chilly. I remember wearing a warm jacket. Back then we were not overly enthusiastic about the city. But this time with 28 degrees Celsius and bright blue skies we see Edmonton in a different light.

Saskatchewan is not a famous province in Canada and usually not on the itinerary of most tourists. If you happen to have heard of Saskatchewan before, you probably know that the province is located in the interior, that it’s flat, has straight roads and lots of corn fields. This is mainly the case for the south, but the northern part of Saskatchewan shows a different side. We visited Prince Albert National Park, that protects a slice of the ‘boreal’ forest.

Many people believe that Canada is a cold country. But to show you that even in fall it can be pretty warm.

By the end of September we are now in Waterton (National Park) in Southern Alberta. We are in 1,300 m hight in the Rocky Mountains - and are sweating!

National Canadian Forecast shows a todays maximum of 30 degrees Celsius.

Wetter in Waterton (09-2011)

Our Itinerary from 25. July til 23. September 2011 was a total of 8,087 km. If you will look at Google Maps there are 6,897 km calculated, and it shall take you 4 days and 10 hours. It took us a little more time: 60 days.

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Northern Rockies in Britisch Columbia, KandaThe Alaska Highway runs from Watson Lake, Yukon, to Fort Nelson in British Columbia and leads us through the magnificent mountain scenery of the little known “Northern Rockies”. For 530 kilometers there are no real towns but only gas stations, lodges, campgrounds and plenty of nature. During this trip we saw lots of wildlife just along the highway.

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