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The story of the mouse

Mouse at work - chewed cereal barsRecently we had an uninvited guest in our motor home. At first we weren’t sure. One morning we found two granola bars were chewed on at one corner. They were in the drawer under the sink with behind it an open space. Our first step was to clean out the drawer and to stow away the food in a different drawer, located under one of the benches. It turned out to be not the best idea.

38. Route (340 km) Osoyoos - Abbotsford

The circle is closed. We returned to our starting point in Abbostford (near Vancouver), where we bought our motorhome at Fraserway RV.

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Young Canadian Hot Dogs

Creative hot dog with sweet potato fries at Waterton Lakes National ParkThree young Canadians from Waterton turned their vision into reality by selling special hot dogs. They grew up in the vicinity of Waterton Lakes National Park and realized tourists needed something else in addition to the existing expensive restaurants: a place where you can enjoy a good meal for a reasonable price.

Tracking - more exciting than a thriller

Bear paw trace in the muddy groundCatherine Reynolds picks up a piece of a deer's antlers and explains that deer repel their antlers each year. Two small indentations are being identified as traces of deer teeth that have scraped this piece of antler. Females do this to get calcium for milk production; male animals need calcium to build their antlers. Christine leads tourists through the Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta and teaches how exciting it is to search for traces of animal piles, footprints, scratches and much more. She goes for it like a detective.

36. Route (47 km) Nelson - Castlegar

Our furnace doesn't work any more. What a surprise when the tempreture at night goes down to 0 degrees Celsius. The next RV-service is in Castlegar, 45 km from Nelsen. They can give us an appointment for the next morning. So we decide to drive to Castlegar and stay there for a chilli night and morning.

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Where Prairie and Mountains meet

Weite Sicht von der Prärie auf die Rocky MountainsWe’re leaving the impressive Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in the company of a warm, strong wind. We’re off to Waterton Lakes National Park in southwestern Alberta; where the prairie and the Rocky Mountains meet. The little-used Highway 501 near the U.S. border leads us to this place. Soon the Rocky Mountains become visible. It is still an estimated 100 km as the crow flies, perhaps a little more.

No fear of Rattlesnakes

Achtung: Schlangen sind gefährdet. Langsam fahren.Canada is known for its variety of wildlife. For those who spend their vacation here it is quite memorable to spot a bear, caribou, elk or moose. But that there are also rattlesnakes in Canada is less well known. In southern Alberta, where the summers are very hot, rattlesnakes are not unusual. Nevertheless, these animals are at risk.

The Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park signs don’t warn people to be careful because there are snakes around, but the signs warn visitors to pay attention while driving. The snakes like to be on the road and keep themselves warm on the asphalt.

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