The corner seems to be a widely used unit to explain somebody, how far a location is. Canadians sometimes answer the question how far it will be to So-and-so: „Oh not to far, it’s just around the corner. Eh!“ You must know a real Canadian uses „Eh!“ at least once in a sentence better more. If you get such an answer be prepared that the corner could have a length of some hundred kilometers.

Stikine RiverDease Lake should have been only be a short overnight stop on our way to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory. After quickly having parked the motorhome on the gravelled campground, paying 28 $ to the tight-lipped owner and having a quick dinner at the opposite restaurant we wanted to go to bed.

Cherries, apricots and peaches from the OkanaganMost people think of Canada as Winter, cold temperatures and lots of snow. But there are plenty of berries for sale here! Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, whatever the heart desires.

After leaving Nairn Falls Provincial Park, we stop in Pemberton, a small town „western-style“. The weather is sunny, the air comfortably cool. We are surrounded by mountains, whose peaks are still covered in snow.

Our MotorhomeLet me give you some technical details about our Motorhome we bought from the company Fraserway RV. RV is the abreviation for Recreational Vehicle. As it is a 11 year old used rig, it was quite affordable for us. However it had only 58.023 kilometers and the interior was clean and carefully used.

One does not have to relinquish “soft adventure”, because of a physical handicap. Living proof are Ursula and Ella from Holland, whom we met 3 weeks ago, when they picked up their RV from Fraserway in Delta.

Where to start when you want to buy a Motorhome and you are an absolute Greenhorn? We already started in Tenerife to find out more about the market for used RVs (recreational vehicles) in Vancouver. Good sites with a lot of offers are Kijiji and Craigslist. It is a good way to find out more about the prices and so on. It was amazing, that the bigger Class A motorhomes usually have less kilometers than the Class C and are not more expensive.

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