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28. Route (200 km) Leader - Cypress Hill Interprovincial Park

The loop way lead us through the Sandhills which are huge dunes, most of them overgrown. However there are some enormous dunes still only consisting of fine sand.

Because of fire danger the West Block of Cypress Hill Interprovincial Park is closed so that we had to go to the very busy Center Block.

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23. Route (65 km) Edmonton - Elk Island National Park

Actually we have up to 30 degrees Celsius so we decided to stay two days in Elk Island National Park.

You can see here Wood and Plains Bisons. There are 250 different species of birds and believe it or not you also can see Pelicans! 

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22. Route (575 km) Dawson Creek - Edmonton

In Edmonton we will collect our Permanent Residence Card (an ID-Card that proofs our legal status in Canada and allows us to enter Canada any time). We also will change our German drivers licence to an Alberta drivers licence and register our Motorhome.

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21. Route (490 km) Fort Nelson - Dawson Creek

Dawson Creek is the starting point (Mile 0) of the 2.288 km long Alaska Highways. It ends in Delta Junction (Alaska, USA). The highway was built in only 6 months in 1942. Today it is completely paved and can be traveled easily by a big Motorhome.

Please see the photo gallery!

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19. Route (116 km) Liard Hotsprings - Toad River

Toad River

Distance to next town: 200 km
Population: 45
Students: 25
Way to school 70 km
Transportation to school: Horse, Car, Aircraft

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