Again, the Waterton Wildflower Festival was a huge success with hundreds of participants who not only learned a lot about the abundance of wildflowers in Waterton but also enjoyed the festival atmosphere.

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The dates for next year are: June 14 to June 19.

See you in Waterton.


Waterton Lakes National Park is known for its great opportunities to see wildlife. It is almost guaranteed that any tourist get to see deer, elk, bear or bighorn sheep. Now and then this happens even if you are in your hotel bed. Have fun watching what's happening in front of our patio door.

hands decorating christmas cookiesToday I had a very special invitation. Some very nice ladies from Waterton had invited me to their Christmas cookie baking. Christmas like, it snowed that morning, and when I arrived at Barb’s house, there was a fox with a beautiful thick fur standing on the driveway and looking at me. It is not unusual to see foxes in the town site of Waterton and after I had pulled out my stuff from the car, he was gone. Barb’s husband also escaped at the sight of  so many women in his house talking and laughing loudly.

View from inside a Jeep into the Dorien Spray ValleyWe had a week vacation. And we used it among other things to acquire a used vehicle.  We are now proud owners of a Jeep Wrangler. Now we finally have a truck, which allows us to approach remote areas on gravel roads without bad conscience and clenched teeth. On the other hand, we are also better equipped for the winter conditions in Waterton. Our first trip was in the Kananaskis Country. Also known as K-Country, the recreational area is located southeast of the Banff National Park, west of Calgary and is still an insider tip in the Canadian Rockies.

After a visit at the German Consulate in Calgary we strolled through the town. All of a sudden a TV team from Global News asked us to stay for a shot they were preparing. It was about a young lady, a fire eater from Calgary, Carisa Hendrix, who achieved a world record a few days ago in Italy. She now showed her skills in the snowy pedestrian zone of Calgary and ignited a cigarette with fire in her mouth.

Before you can see the actual video you unfortunately have to watch an advertisement.


It’s the end of November; I was on a plane from Abbotsford (near Vancouver) to Calgary, Alberta, for an interview. The flight takes about 1 hour. From there, I had to drive 300 km on Highway 2 heading south. Many public roads are called a ‘highway’. There are also freeways with a maximum speed limit of 80-120 km/h.

Have you ever experienced a landscape touching something deep within you?
The prairie with its flat meadows reminds me of western movies, especially of the photographically beautiful movie "Dances with Wolves". But how can one describe the feeling, which captured me?

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